Astanga yoga crossed my path in the early 2000s and I can still vividly recall the first time I entered a Mysore room. It was just before the break of dawn, at around 6 am, still dark and cold outside. Inside it was warm with breath and sweat. People were moving and breathing silently together in a structured way, like a sacred gathering of solo dancers captured in this beautiful form.

I was immediately intrigued and started exploring the practice, the pranayama and meditation. Over the years I focussed on my practice routine, studying with several senior teachers, until I felt the desire to share my experiences and complete an intensive course (200 hrs). I continue my lifelong studies, reviewing yoga philosophy and Patanjali’s sutras as they convey such devotion to Source.

The practice continuously invites me to explore and play with opposing forces for synergy to emerge. Now I am grateful for the opportunity to teach and invite my students to start playing and exploring for themselves, further building the community in honour of the teachers who founded the system that allows us to experience the art of yoga, the grace and light of it:

I thank all the teachers that have come my way. Special thanks to Claudia Pradella for starting the fire and meeting me where I am now, to Bela Lipat for directing me to lineage and Petri Räisänen for guiding me to unity in this practice.