I feel a deep longing for exploring consciousness. I used to sit in silence for hours in the church of my hometown and felt at ease in the surrounding nature with animal life. Later on it was in dance where I experienced the freedom and endless space that is ours to roam.

In 2003 I discovered Astanga Vinyasa Yoga when I entered a Mysore- room for the first time. It was still early in the morning– Amsterdam was sound asleep – but here everybody was wide awake, present and breathing as one. I felt an immediate connection and the practice became my companion, in good times and in bad.

Good and bad, heaven and earth; our existence is by nature bi-polar. It therefor didn’t take long before Yin Yoga crossed my path. This gentle form of yoga is a welcome addition to dynamic forms as it nurtures and heals on a deep level. I practice a style of Yin that includes Buddhist teachings, cultivating attention and awareness (mindfulness).

I completed over 500 hours of teacher trainings and silent retreats.