Yoga path (2) Yin Yoga and Mindfulness

Yin Yoga and Minfulness level 2 teacher training in London with Sarah Powers.

Such a pleasure and privilege attending this TT at Triyoga and being with the community of Sarah and Ty again, a strong and experienced container. Bringing the Dharma into the yoga realm is what I resonate with. My daily practice continues to grow, layering new teachings from different wisdom traditions to integrate more and more unintegrated parts; detecting, unblending, befriending.


Every morning I walked via Primrose Hill to triyoga Camden, in exceptional lovely weather for the time of year. Just before I crossed Camden Lock I sat in this small park to have my coffee, stroling along a little road with colourfully painted houses and bright tulips.

Spring was in the air

Bathing in silence and awareness at Mandali, Italy this summer with Sarah Powers, Ty and their community. Buddist teachings, silence, yoga, diads and Italian land to experience essence and simplicity of life. If ever you have a change to do a silent retreat, treat yourself to the healing of relaxing the brain and personality structure and experience the beauty of being.

Bringing everything on to the path.

Self-retreating in Bali 2018 - silence, sea, sun, yoga, journalling and meditating, being and creating, friends - can't wait to start the new year there.   

Yogi's in Samadi, Serenity, Canggu.

April 2018, looking forward to silence at Mandali again with Sarah and Ty Powers