I am a human rights advisor based in The Netherlands and I work with the financial sector on improving labour conditions in global supply chains. Over the years I have specialised in the right to living wage in the garment sector.

I am also a student of Astanga yoga, the eightfold path that – in my humble view - leads to a sensitivity for life, unfolding its preciousness rooted in firmness. I resonate with this practice because it provides both a clear structure and the freedom for creative play. They go hand in hand, as do entrepreneurial success and societal wellbeing.

Hence my motivation to work in the field of corporate social responsibility, where we look for synergies between different stakeholders, from multinational corporations and financial institutions to labour unions and human rights advocates.

Perspective is a key driver for me. Although I use many consultant's tools, my projects will only thrive if I also to let go of structure and stay open to exploring a variety of perspectives to find common ground.

Examples of my projects are listed on this website. In the blogs I share my thoughts on different topics that interest me.

Previously I worked at consultancy firm Berenschot, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague and I spent a year at the OECD in Paris. I started out travelling the globe for a number of years with expositions and seminars of World Press Photo, a foundation based in Amsterdam.

I hold a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam, a Bachelor’s degree in sustainable tourism from the NHTV and a course certificate Development Studies from the London School of Economics.

My dedication to the Astanga yoga took off in 2008 and I started teaching the practice to students in 2015. My studies will continue as there is so much more to explore in the eightfold path and the Buddha Dharma.